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Propeller Performance Comparisons

On this page we have posted the results of various actual field trials of the MT composite propeller on several supported aircraft models. The tests were all done using the same airplane on the same day with the same weight and CG and same pilot using published speeds, RPM and MP for climb and cruise.

Even with professional test pilots, it is not uncommon to see variations in results. No two planes or pilots are alike. Your results may be better or worse than those documented by our tests.

Bottom line: The MT propellers out-performed the competition in EVERY case!

ManufacturerModelPerformance Test Data 
American ChampionACA ScoutRequest Free Proposal
AviatHusky - 3 BladeRequest Free Proposal
AviatHusky - 2 BladeRequest Free Proposal
AviatHusky - 2 Blade UltraRequest Free Proposal
BeechBonanzaRequest Free Proposal
Cessna170/172/175 3-BladeRequest Free Proposal
Cessna207Request Free Proposal
CessnaT210Request Free Proposal
Cessna208 CaravanRequest Free Proposal
Cessna170/172/175 2-BladeRequest Free Proposal
Cessna180Request Free Proposal
Cessna182Request Free Proposal
Cessna185 - 2 BladeRequest Free Proposal
Cessna185 - 3 BladeRequest Free Proposal
Cessna206Request Free Proposal
Cessna210Request Free Proposal
Cessna170/172/175 2-Blade 'Ultra'Request Free Proposal
CirrusSR22 4-BladeRequest Free Proposal
CirrusSR-20Request Free Proposal